Day Trips

The spectacular Somerset countryside offers plenty of attractions worthy of inclusion in any day trip itinerary. The Vivary Park, Woodlands Castle, Burrow Mump, Trull Waterfall, Cornish farm, Hestercomb, Quantock trekking site, and more, are some of the popular day jaunts from Taunton.

The ruins of the Glastonbury Abbey attract tourists from far and wide, and can easily be covered in a day trip. London is just 165 miles away, a comfortable three-and-a-half-hours drive in our comfortable Taunton minibus hire. It is very much possible to have an early start, spend the day shopping in London, let your hair out in the evenings, and make a night trip back to Taunton, arriving in the wee-hours of the morning.

Our reliable and experienced drivers, seasoned by years of experience driving under varying conditions, will ensure a safe and reliable journey. Our extremely supportive and committed customer care team will track your journey from start to finish, ensuring the trip proceeds smoothly without any hassles.

Our Taunton minibus hire is the best option for day trips in Taunton, in all parameters. Our highly efficient operations, economies of scale, and excellent vehicles allow us to offer very low rates, which are the best in the region. Our vehicles come with plush seats, powerful air-conditioning, the latest infotainment systems, and several accessories, which allow you to travel in comfort, and appreciate the scenery. We arrange snacks and refreshments on board, allowing you to save time, without having to stop for food en-route. You can arrive at your venues fully fresh and focused. With a ready vehicle on hand, you also have flexibility to linger on as long as you like in any place, or make unscheduled stops. All-in-all, our minibus hire gives you the best deal, unmatched by anyone in the region.

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