14 Seater Standard Hire

A 14-seater standard hire minibus is an upgrade over the 12-seater minibus. These minibuses allow accommodating an extra couple of passengers, or conversely, allow the existing group more space to unwind and relax.

We offer top-end models from Iveco, Ford, Mercedes and Volkswagen, for our Taunton minibus hire. Many of these models have flexible seating arrangements, wherein you can take out some seats, to accommodate extra luggage, or accommodate wheelchairs.

Our Taunton minibus hire vehicles resonates class. All seats have plush upholstery, the interiors have stately lining, and the exteriors have classy features such as automatic sensor-driven head lamps.  The vehicles also spot advanced safety features and guarantee a smooth drive on any driving conditions. The small size of the vehicle offer greater control to the driver.

These are the go-to vehicles for airport transfers, family trips to London, small tour group sightseeing trips, VIP transfers, corporate delegate transfers, for a group of friends to indulge in a night out, for a small group to visit the Taunton racecourse, and for several other purposes.  Passengers who avail our 14-seater minibus invariably opt for the same vehicle again, having convinced themselves this vehicle offers the perfect balance of space, comfort, and economy. We offer the lowest per-kilometre rates in the region, aided in a big way by our highly fuel-efficient vehicles.

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