About Us

We are the leading coach and minibus hire providers in the region. Over the 10 years we have offered our services in Taunton and the surrounding regions, we have risen in stature by providing reliable and value-laden services. We are now the first choice for tour groups, visitors, corporate executives, day trippers, night revellers, event organisers and just about everyone else. 

Taunton is a historic city, attracting visitors all year round. The city is well connected to the rest of UK by excellent transportation links, and has a thriving commercial base,

 Vehicles used by Taunton minibus

Taunton minibus hire offers comfortable and safe buses, with prompt and reliable service, making it the best way for your group to move about in the region. All our vehicles are no older than two to six years old.

Iveco 16-Seater Minibus Standard

The Iveco 16-seater minibus standard allows small groups to combine comfort and style. It offers several handy features and functionality such as reclining seats, easy-to-reach lowered luggage compartment, easy to open rear door, and more. The state-of-the-art multi-media system with in-built sat-nav, reversing camera, drinks fridge, and other features, makes this vehicle the perfect vehicle for long trips. The vehicle also has a ‘family feeling’ to it, with the latest pantograph rear door.  The rear access ramp and ability to remove seats add to the flexibility, and make the vehicle ideal for people with disabilities, as well.

Ford Transit 12-16 Seater Minibus Standard

The Ford Transit minibus is a state of the art vehicle, equipped with the latest gizmos and gadgets. Automatic sensor powered LED headlights, fuel-efficient gear changes, hands-free infotainment technology, electronic stability control, and a host of other features deliver unmatched comfort and convenience. The model comes in a choice of three wheelbases, and virtually infinite configuration in terms of the required accessories.

Mercedes 8 and 16 Seater Executive

The executive Mercedes Minibus comes in 8 and 16-seater capacities. These vehicles deliver a professional and classy outlook and are the vehicle of choice for executives attending business meetings and conferences.

Renault 16 Seater Standard

The Renault 16-seater standard mixes ease and comfort. It offers not just 16 soft and relaxing seats, but also come with extra leg space, for passengers to relax.  These Taunton minibus vehicles are in very high demand, at all times.

Volkswagen Crafter 16 Seater Standard

The Volkswagen Crafter mixes strength and comfort. It has a sturdy build, allowing a comfortable and smooth journey even on the roughest terrain. It is an awesome group travel option for both inter city and long trips.