49 Seater Coach Hire

Our Taunton minibus hire 49-seater coach is another popular vehicle, always in high demand. The popularity of these models stems from its space and capacity. These vehicles can transport up to 50 people at once, effortlessly, and in a speedy way. These vehicles are the best choice in situations where moving people quickly is of prime concern.  As such, these vehicles are deployed for conference transfers, to transfer large pool of delegates or visitors from the conference centre to the airport or railway station, for school, college, or church groups to travel together, for large tourist groups on a sightseeing mission, and several other uses.

As it is with all our Taunton minibus vehicles, we guarantee reliability, comfort, and the lowest costs. Our 49-seat coach hire spots the latest gizmos and gadgets to enliven your trip. Apart from our highly efficient operations which contribute to low rates, large vehicles means even lesser per-capita cost. Each trip has fixed costs and variable costs. With a large group, the fixed cost such as fuel costs, driver wages, and other expenses are divided among a large pool, resulting in lower per-capita costs. When the entire groups together, the organiser can breathe easy. They do not have to manage multiple trips, keep track of who has entered which bus, and get into other complications. The group, travelling together can reach their destination faster, and conduct itself in a much more efficient way.

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