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Taunton and the surrounding countryside attract tourists all year round. The city has plenty of historical monuments and relics, spread across the sprawling countryside. The top attractions include the ruins of Glastonbury Abbey, the sprawling Exmoor National Park, Flyne Court Nature Reserve, Bitcoin Park and Botanical Gardens, VI vary Park, Ford Abbey House and Gardens, Museum of Somerset, Bakelite Museum, Somerset Military Museum, Somerset Cricket Museum, and more. These sites and attractions are common inclusion in most tour group itineraries.

The region is not behind in modern attractions either. The Digger land Adventure Park and Wiveliscombe Open Air Pool attract groups from far and wide.

Taunton minibus hire is the best way to visit these sites. Only a coach tour can do justice to you and your group. Imagine a scenario where you can relax in the plush interiors of our state-of-the-art coach, sip your favourite drink, and listen to the music of your choice, in the company of your group members, watching the countryside roll by, and arriving at each site fully relaxed, and free of any hassles. The highly skilled and resourceful driver who comes with the minibus takes the best routes to keep the time-schedule, and offer valuable tips and information, which may not be available on official brochures and websites. The drivers are in turn supported by a team of enthusiastic and dedicated customer support professionals. Now contrast it with the stress of driving your own vehicle, navigating the routes, and finding parking. Not only is our Taunton minibus hire the better option, it makes sense financially as well. We offer flexible terms and conditions, but whatever your requirements, our business model centred on delivering efficient services, and going all out to win the hearts of customers, for repeat orders and word-of-mouth publicity, means our rates are guaranteed to be the lowest in the region.

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