Our Fleet

Our Taunton minibus hire service is widely accepted by the community in Taunton and visitors alike. A key reason for our popularity and repeat orders is our fleet.


We have, at our disposal, a wide and varied fleet, comprising of Iveco 16-seater Minibus,  Ford Transit 12-16 seater Minibus, Mercedes 8 and 16 seater executive minibus, Renault 16-seater minibus,  Volkswagen Crafter 16-seater standard minibus, and also larger 24 seater bus, 33-seater midi bus, 49-seater coach, and 72-seater coach. We make it a point to replenish our fleet at regular intervals, meaning no vehicle is more than six years old. Newer vehicles offer the obvious advantage of being better in appearance, having plush seats, delivering a smoother drive, and being fuel economical. Moreover, we subject the fleet to regular scheduled maintenance, on-time. We are proactive in fixing any glitches or making any repairs. Any problem addressed early means lesser problems down the lane, and no chance of the vehicle breaking down, when on a journey.  We also clean our vehicles thoroughly, and conduct a thorough inspection, before the start of every trip. We monitor air pressure, fuel levels, engine oil, and other vital parameters regularly, to ensure a smooth, hassle-free, and interruption free journey for our passengers. We never compromise on accessories and consumables, and always fit the best quality ones in our vehicles. We know the success of our Taunton minibus service depends on well-maintained vehicles.


Contact Details

Deane House, Belvedere Road, Taunton, TA1 1HE

01823 747003


Mon to Sun :24 hours