Minibus and Coach Hire Prices

Our Taunton minibus hire services offer the best price in the region, combined with the best service. Our per-kilometre rates are the lowest among competitors. When you factor in all-costs, including hidden costs and the time-value of money, you will find our Taunton minibus hire offers the lowest per-capita cost to travel between any destinations in the region.

We have developed a unique low-cost business model centred on efficient operations.  We eliminate waste from our business processes. Our business systems are focused on the customers, rather than our internal processes.  We have inculcated in our staff a passion to serve the customer with utmost dedication. They remain fully committed to their jobs, which manifest in lesser absenteeism and high work productivity, contributing to our overall efficient operations.

We invest in highly fuel-efficient vehicles, and replace it with never models before it gets too old. We train our drivers on best driving practises. All these lead to considerable savings in fuel and maintenance. We pass on the savings to our customers, in a quest to attract more customers. We thrive on economies of scale, which is another reason why our prices are so low.

You should nevertheless book early to get the best rates. Our services are always in high demand. During the main tourist season, and peak season, the prices will be higher, on account of increased demand. Last minute booking would attract significantly higher prices. Your best bet to guarantee the best rates is to book well in advance. Rates will be relatively lower during the low season as well. If you are on a budget trip, you would do well to schedule your trip during the off season, when the crowds will be less, and the prices will be considerably lower, compared to peak season rates.

Either way, book as early as you can, to secure the best rates.


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