Cheap Minibus Hire

Transportation attracts costs. Group transportation is generally perceived as more costly than travelling alone. Travelling in a coach or minibus is perceived as more expensive than taking public transportation. However, with our Taunton minibus hire service, we demolish all these misconceptions. When you avail our services, you are assured of very low rates. The per-capita rate, with our minibus hire is lower than any other mode of transportation, for the value on offer.

We have a large fleet, with minibus and coaches of varying configuration. Your group can select a coach appropriate to your group size, allowing them to travel together and share the costs. We have an edge over competition owing to our highly fuel efficient vehicles, and prompt maintenance, which keep operating costs low. We also have highly trained and skilled drivers who set benchmarks of excellence in driving best practises, further leading to improved fuel efficiency. We pass on the resultant savings to you, resulting in very low per-kilometre rate, unmatched by competition.

Hiring a minibus makes financial sense than taking out your own vehicle. Although the cost to top-up your own vehicle  may be less than the total cost to hire the minibus for the same distance, factoring in all costs makes minibus hire the best and most economical option. With our Taunton minibus hire, you pay only the transparent per-kilometre cost, and nothing else. With your own vehicle, you are left with hidden costs such as maintenance of your vehicle, cost of cleaning your vehicle, depreciation, costs associated with parking, and myriad other costs. There is also the stress and hassles of driving your own vehicle, as opposed to relaxing in the comforts of our luxurious air-conditioned coaches. Our driver taking the stress and hassles associated with driving. If you are a corporate group, hiring a minibus enables you to account it as easily attribute business expense.


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