72 Seater Coach Hire

A 72-seat coach hire is the best way to transport groups comprising of over 50 members, in one go. It is an awesome way to reduce logistical costs for the events.

Our Taunton minibus hire 72-seater coaches are spacious, sturdy, and fully loaded vehicles. These vehicles are stocked with all the basic amenities and facilities required to make any trip easy and highly comfortable. It’s your best choice, if you’re looking to minimise extra transport costs any day, considering the fixed costs associated with the trip is divided among a larger pool of members.

You have to be on your guard when you hire a large coach. A large coach is subject to restrictions, such as not being allowed entry on narrow city roads. These vehicles, on account of their size, require drivers with special licences.  Our Taunton minibus hire services offer you 72-seater coaches which comply with all safety and other requirements. Our services come with drivers who have received special training and have special licences to handle these vehicles. Our drivers furthermore are experienced hands, with several years of experience driving comparable vehicles, under all weather and traffic conditions. Our customer support team offers valuable support, such as co-ordination for pick-up and pick-offs, keeping track of the journey, providing real-time traffic information to the driver, and catering to any of your special requirements.


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