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Taunton Minibus is a coach hire company based in Taunton, Somerset. We help transport people in the region. Our business model focuses on making it possible for groups to move around the city easily, in a cost-effective way. Whatever the occasion or reason customers want to travel, we help them do so with ease.

We offer high-quality transport services, and guarantee a safe and highly stress-free trip all the way. Your comfort and satisfaction are our top priorities, and we do all we can to ensure the fulfilment of both.

At Taunton Minibus, we have an expansive fleet of minibus and coaches. Our customers are free to choose whichever one best suit their requirements and budget. We can assure you that our vehicles are road worthy and in good shape. They come fitted with the latest amenities ad facilities to make your trip easier. 

All our vehicles are new, no more than six years old. The vehicles come with the latest high-quality floor and roof trimming, high standard features such as individual air conditioning vents and overhead LED lights, multi-media entertainment systems, USB ports in every seat, and more. The driver console is also equipped with state of the art features, such as automatic gearbox, hands free control for music systems, and more, for improved safety and a smooth ride.

We never compromise on safety or comfort. All our vehicles are maintained at regular intervals, as per the manufacturer’s schedules. The vehicles also go in for a thorough cleaning, top up of fuel, and check of air pressure, engine oil, and other fluids before the start of each trip.  We make proactive repairs. At the slightest hint of something amiss, we fix the issue. More often than not, ignoring such issues can escalate it and lead to break down or a rough ride, when on trip.

A chauffeur accompanies all our Taunton minibus hire vehicles.  All our chauffeurs have received extensive training, and special licence. They undergo comprehensive refresher training on a regular basis, not just on driving skills, but also on customer care, and other nuances connected with the trip. The chauffeurs are backed up by an equally dedicated team of customer care professionals, They work round-the-clock, providing customised orders, arranging for any special requests you may have, tracking all journeys, providing critical weather and traffic inputs to the chauffeurs to enable them take the best routes.  Our vehicles also feature the best in ergonomic design, including the doors occupying very little space when opened, foldable seats, and more.

Our customer support team makes a critical difference. Once you approach us, our dedicated and committed customer support team, working round the clock, gets in touch with you to cross-check your requirements, confirm the vehicle, to arrange the pick-up and drop off points, and confirm whether you have any special requirements. We offer several value added services, such as snacks and refreshments, and customised entertainment options, which we can arrange at extra costs.

We are extremely flexible in our dealings.  Our responsive customer support team will try to make any adjustments or changes to your itinerary, subject to the extent possible. Our plans are flexible in the first place. Rather than forcing you to take up plans we have fixed, our customer support team will work with you, understand your specific requirements, and work out a custom-made plan. Rest-assured, regardless of your options, you will have the best deal in town.

Our Taunton minibus hire service works on a per-kilometre rate, and we offer the lowest rate compared to our competitors. In fact, when you consider the per-capita cost to your group, factoring in the last mile connectivity and other hidden costs, our minibus hire in Taunton allows you to make the journey in the most inexpensive way, compared to other options.  Our low rates are the result of our customer focused business model, backed by highly efficient lean operations. Rather than cut corners, we eliminate waste and unproductive activities. For instance, we invest in training our drivers on best driving practises, which result in improved driving and better mileage for our vehicles, and we pass on the cost savings to you. Likewise, our huge scale of operations leads to lower operating costs, and we pass on the gains to you as well.

The best proof for our claims is our customers. Over the years, we have served many customers for all type of trips. We have handled domestic and foreign visitors, school and college groups, church groups, family outings, corporate groups, wedding parties, funeral parties, gangs of revellers, and others. Our minibus and coaches are commonly deployed for airport transfers, conference transfers, sightseeing trips, birthdays, funerals, day trips, excursions, race course visits, concerts, and a host of other purposes. A common denominator of all our journeys is highly satisfied customers, who leave glowing feedback, and recommend our services to others.

Taunton, Somerset, is a town steeped in history, noted for landmark religious and military events centred on the town. In modern time, Taunton rose in importance with the establishment of string transport links. The Grand Western Canal, constructed in 1839, and the subsequent arrival of the railways in 1842 gave a fillip to trade and commerce.  Today, the city has a population of 64,621(2011 census). The important landmarks of the city are the 10th century monastery, and the Taunton Castle, which dates to the Anglo Saxon times.

All you’ve got to do is come in, relax, and enjoy the ride!


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Date: Tuesday, 20th March, 2018

Venue: Wellesley Theatre, Wellington, Somerset

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